Area Development FAQ – Indoor Playground Equipment Franchise Australia

What does Area Development mean in Yu Kids Franchising?

Area development is very much the same as multiple unit franchising but requires a more significant number of units of installations within a specified date and covering an exclusive territory in a given country.

Medium Installations Examples:

Medium Install Example 01 - Italy Playground EquipmentMedium Install Example 02 - Italy Playground EquipmentMedium Install Example 03 - Italy Playground EquipmentMedium Install Example 04 -  Playground Equipment

Who can become Yu Kids Area Developers?

Area developers are entrepreneurs who think big and are usually very experienced or knowledgeable about franchising. In most cases, they can grow their business fairly quickly. They are granted exclusive rights and have the opportunity to raise brand awareness.

Is Area Development Model Available for Yu Kids Indoor Playground Equipment?

YES. As a matter of fact, this has already been applied to several countries. The area developer is awarded the authority to open a pre-determined number of places within a particular regional location. Usually a schedule is provided regarding the number of units that has to be opened within a specific period of time. Other franchisees may not operate in this designated region. As soon as the franchise is operating, the franchise fees and recurring royalty payments at times could possibly be reduced for the area developer.

What are the fees involved in this type of Franchise?

Development Fee is paid up front to the Master Franchise to be granted exclusivity in the given territory.  This development fee may be waived with an appropriate opening order for Yu Kids Play Systems (YKPS).  Depending on the Master Franchise Agreement a franchise fee may also be payable each time a unit (YKPS) is open.

What are the advantages of becoming Yu Kids Area Developer Franchise?
  • Area development programs offer all the standard benefits of multiple-unit franchising, including the possibility of expanded growth with less expenditure or investment capital requirements on the franchisor.
  • One other edge of area development programs is that, the area developer  has a direct say with the franchisees who open YKPS installations  in his territory.
  • An area development program provides a competitive sales option to the single-unit franchise offering.
  • Area Developers can sell franchise to a mini-franchisor (also known as an area representative, sub-franchisor) where the area developer recruits, trains, and supports other franchisees, who open and operate units in his territory.
  • In return, this type of area developer typically receives a percentage of the franchise fee for each new unit sold, as well as a percentage of the ongoing royalty stream.

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The manufacturers of the YKPS reserve the right to modify or change the way they do business and/or award rights to Country sales, master franchise agreements or any of the above guide as listed above.