Area Development FAQ – Indoor Playground Equipment Franchise Australia

What does Area Development mean in Yu Kids Franchising? Area development is very much the same as multiple unit franchising but requires a more significant number of units of installations within a specified date and covering an exclusive territory in a given country. Medium Installations Examples: Who can become Yu Kids Area Developers? Area developers are entrepreneurs who think big and are usually very experienced or knowledgeable about franchising. In most cases, they can grow their business fairly quickly. They are granted exclusive rights and have the opportunity to raise brand awareness. Is Area Development Model Available for Yu Kids Indoor Playground Equipment? YES. As a matter of fact, this has already been applied to several countries. The area developer is awarded the authority to open a pre-determined number of places within a particular regional location. Usually a schedule is provided regarding the number of units that has to be opened within a specific period of … [Read more...]

Master Franchise Opportunity with Yu Kids

Being one of the frequently asked questions from interested parties who are seeking the possibilities to franchise with Yu Kids, we are adding this information page to those who would like to know the answers. The types of Franchise available for Yu Kids will be discussed subsequently as separate blog entries. What is a Master Franchise or Country Distributorship? This is the right presented to individuals or even businesses who will be interested to make investments by acquiring the privileges to sub franchise inside a country or a territory predetermined upon by the parties. This enables the master franchisee the opportunity to develop a considerable business within a relatively short period of time. Is Master Franchise Available for Yu Kids? The answer to this question is YES.  In fact, this has already been applied to several countries.  Usually, the first person or business entity who took up the product proceeds on proposing a roll out of installs in their country. The … [Read more...]

Yu Kids Play System Installs – Franchising FAQ

For those excited at the prospect of creating and growing their own site or location with a Yu Kids Play System (YKPS), we have added this FAQ on our website. Q. Where Yu Kids Play System (YKPS) can be installed? A. Smaller installs would be in shopping malls, large department stores or chain stores; Bigger installs would be in self-contained buildings, amusement parks and amusement themed venues. Small Play Area Install Examples:   Medium Play Area Install Examples: Q. What is a good size for a first time installation for a new Yu Kids Franchise? A.The general thinking is to start with a medium size venue so as not to make too big on the budget and not to make it too small to lose the first impression. Q. How long before I see an ROI (Return on Investment)? A. This can vary considerably and we do not have data to share on this though it can be as little as 6 to 12 months. Q. Is there a Franchise Fee for Yu Kids? A. We like to encourage the opening of Yu Kids islands in new … [Read more...]

Benefel Pty Ltd Announces Discussions to Form Franchise Cookie Cutter Company for Yu Kids Australia

Sunrise Beach, QLD – October 15, 2013 – Benefel Pty. Ltd is officially working together with the Play Systems Manufacturer to assist in the roll out of Yu Kids Play Systems across Australia and New Zealand. In close consultation with Mr Peter Bares, founder of the award winning Bebi infant drinks and CEO of Mishme Enterprises Pty Ltd a separate New Company is to be formed to promote and sell the globally appealing Yu Kids Islands. Having launched the new Australia website for Yu Kids Australia, inquiries for the Yu Kids Play System (YKPS) continue to be submitted from all over the world including, the US, UK, Australia, the Middle east and the Sub Continent. Presently there are well over 350 installations World Wide aand at this point in time the rate of spread from its origin is “almost viral”.  Multiple installations can be found around the globe including Russia, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Peru, Mexico, Italy, USA, Israel, Chile and Europe. The YKPS is marketed and sold as a … [Read more...]

Indoor Playground

Indoor Playgrounds are a great way to have fun and some exercise during cold, winter days. Just because there's less sunlight in the winter doesn't mean that you have to hibernate until the spring. Take advantage of the colder months to spend some quality time as a family.  From bouncy houses to open gyms to family fun centres, there are a number of attractions for children to spend their energy. On cold, hot or rainy days, kids will love to go to these indoor play centres. Have you ever been to any Yu Kids Island Play Centre? It’s an indoor haven for children who are looking for fun-filled activities.  There are over 30 attractions that children can enjoy to help keep the doldrums of the long, rainy or wintery days at bay. The development of high-tech gadgets made sedentary life widespread and helping our children develop a physically active way of life turned out to be pretty challenging.  It is never too late to introduce exercise as a way to develop and maintain healthy … [Read more...]