30 Spinning Bars – Kids Fun Activities

You can manually scroll through the above images.   Kids Fun Activities Yu Kids Spinning Bars present challenge and balance by letting children to sit, hang or spin on the bars. Yu Kids Fun Activities such as spinning on the Spinning Bars offer something video games and Xbox or Playstation don’t: exercise. The Spinning Bars uses rotary motion as it spins around in a circle, clockwise or anti-clockwise.  The bars work as hand support and a thing to lean against when riding.  It can be spun by running around it and then jumping on it. Kids can take turns riding and spinning. … [Read more...]

17 Merry-Go-Round II – Fun Kids Activities

You can manually scroll through the above images.    Fun Kids Activities The Merry Go Round has been tested on generations of kids and each generation has said that it has been one of their favourite fun kids activities ever. Many of us have fond memories of playing on the merry go round at the park. Some parks have banned these play equipment from the playgrounds because of accidents and injuries. Yu Kids Island brings back this classic and well-loved playground equipment. Kids can go round and round on this ride for hours and you will be wondering why they don’t ever get tired. To some parents watching, it could even bring back fond childhood memories. … [Read more...]

16 Wave Rider 2 – Kids After School Activities

You can manually scroll through the above images.   Kids After School Activities There are no sure-fire recipes for good health, the mixture of healthy eating and regular exercise comes close. Exercise and regular physical activity benefit the body, and so we teach and encourage our children to become active individuals.  However, their workouts do not have to be boring and repetitious. After school activities for kids should be fun, entertaining, educational and engaging to keep their curious minds working even when they are not in the classrooms. Wave Rider 2 attraction has all these qualities, providing hours of learning experiences and laughs for your kids and their friends. … [Read more...]

15 Wave Rider – Fun Activities for Children

You can manually scroll through the above images.   Fun Activities for Children Who says waves suitable for surfing are only found in the ocean? That statement is no longer true with man-made sources like the Yu Kids Wave Rider. What kid, big or small, does not want to surf?  Modern day surfing on Yu Kids Wave Rider, can be a part of fun activities for children, exercise the imagination and teach children the ability to look at any situation from a different point of view, and enables one to dream and maybe achieve their dreams in the future. Well, your kids don’t have to know surfing to enjoy the wave rider.  Small kids love to jump, sit or lay down on it! … [Read more...]

09 Merry Go Round – Fun Games and Activities for Kids

You can manually scroll through the above images.   Fun Games and Activities for Kids Preschoolers need play and physical activity that assists them to consistently build fundamental motor skills. Yu Kids soft version of merry go round disposed of the physical hazard to preschool age children and encourages intellectual stimulation through experiences that promote learning. Experience the joy of playing with your child in a fun and cozy indoor playground. Yu Kids Island is designed for you to help nurture your child’s imagination and creativity in a healthy and fun environment. … [Read more...]