Benefel Pty Ltd Announces Discussions to Form Franchise Cookie Cutter Company for Yu Kids Australia

Sunrise Beach, QLD – October 15, 2013 – Benefel Pty. Ltd is officially working together with the Play Systems Manufacturer to assist in the roll out of Yu Kids Play Systems across Australia and New Zealand. In close consultation with Mr Peter Bares, founder of the award winning Bebi infant drinks and CEO of Mishme Enterprises Pty Ltd a separate New Company is to be formed to promote and sell the globally appealing Yu Kids Islands.

Having launched the new Australia website for Yu Kids Australia, inquiries for the Yu Kids Play System (YKPS) continue to be submitted from all over the world including, the US, UK, Australia, the Middle east and the Sub Continent.

Presently there are well over 350 installations World Wide aand at this point in time the rate of spread from its origin is “almost viral”.  Multiple installations can be found around the globe including Russia, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Peru, Mexico, Italy, USA, Israel, Chile and Europe.

The YKPS is marketed and sold as a complete playground package.  What sets the Yu Kids Play System apart from all other children’s play areas and playgrounds around the world is MOVEMENT; Patented attractions that children can move in, move on, move through, and travel up and down upon.

Yu Kids Island Franchise AustraliaThe Australian and New Zealand challenge for the new Company is to create the cookie cutter franchise model for our region.   Starting with a high profile flagship location, investment will enable the establishment of the first running YKPS and the establishment of a proven business model that will be an attractive and wide appealing model for investors and those looking to have their own business in a fun and vibrant growing market.  The Company will then move on to create more working YKPS sites that can be sold as on-going concerns and to offer Franchise opportunities for those excited at the prospect of creating and growing their own site or location.

The New Company will bring innovative and exciting technology and business enhancements that include:

a)    The world patented Alpha Vending system, put very simply it is a patent for a vending machine that provides an added service like a small children ride whenever a product is vended.

b)    Opportunity to vend and sell the award winning Bebi infant drink

c)    Opportunity to participate and fully utilise the exciting mobile marketing media of the patented Mishme avatar messages.  This is perhaps the most powerful emerging from of digital marketing to be developed and may someday be as well recognised as Facebook or Instagram, having far more direct and obvious marketing applications than either for many applications  – especially the YKPS.  Imagine a YKPS that takes down (with permission) the mobile phone numbers of the parent or the grandparent that brings along their child.  Details are recorded including the postcode and birthdays.  An automated marketing message can be set for one month prior to the Child’s Birthday providing a small movie of a well-known character inviting the parent or grandparent to celebrate at YKPS with a discount coupon they can retain on their phone and present on the day.

For further information, you can call Phone Number:  +614 0409 4244 or email