Play Center “Move In” Attractions

Rides in this Category have features where children can climb onto the ride and experience its movement an in some cases even create the movement. We have a unique range of stimulating attractions that allow children to explore and even become a part of the moving attraction. Crawling, Climbing or tumbling round attractions are super fun for young explorers.  They are stimulating and enjoyable attractions for your kids.  At Yu Kids Islands, your kids finally have the perfect place to have fun and use up some of their nearly inexhaustible energy. Now, cold, wet or super hot weather will not stop your kids from having a blast when there is a Yu Kids Island! … [Read more...]

07 Revolving Drum – Indoor Playgrounds

You can manually scroll through the above images.   Indoor Playgrounds The Rotating drum is made with colourful and sturdy materials.  It offers opportunity for creativity along with physical activity.  This rotating drum adds to the playground’s potential of assisting in the development of healthy bodies and minds, enhancing children’s learning through play. Indoor Playgrounds provide fun and safe place where kids can learn and play especially during those times of the year that is uncomfortable to be outside - on cold, hot or rainy days, kids will love to go to these indoor play places. … [Read more...]

31 Air Hamster – Play Area

You can manually scroll through the above images.    Play Area Without even realizing it, kids exercise all the time just by being active like play kickball at school or just by running around. A pet hamster needs the exercise too, like we all do, to maintain its good health. At Yu Kids Play Area, you will find an enormous Air Hamster; the idea is based on the pet hamster wheel.  The wheel turns about when the kids step inside and bring them to balance as their weight continue to turn the huge air hamster around. … [Read more...]

10 Hot Air Balloon – Fun Activity

You can manually scroll through the above images.  Fun Activity Yu Kids Revolving Hot Air Balloon is a new design concept that is appreciated by children. The balloon is connected to a colourful basket that can carry a number of children as they experience the feeling of flying in the hot air balloon. Inside the balloon children can allow their imaginations to soar and be able to experience an entire new world within their minds. … [Read more...]

23 Revolving Castle – Fun Activities with Kids

You can manually scroll through the above images.   Fun Activities with Kids Revolving Castle is a magical fortress for make-believe. Within the castle, children can travel through time inside their minds creating a whole new world of fantasy and fairy tales. They create a wonderful environment - creating a community by means of play, movement and imagination. Children are inspired to explore creativity visualizing their way into a world that is creative, inspiring and fun. … [Read more...]