08 Automatic Seesaw – Fun Activities for Kids

You can manually scroll through the above images.  Fun Activities for Kids One problem with the good-old seesaw's design is that if a child allows himself/herself to hit the ground suddenly after jumping, or exits the seesaw at the bottom, the other child may fall and be injured. For this reason, Yu Kids came up with automatic seesaw which features a board balanced in the center. A person sits on each end.  There is no need to take turns pushing their feet against the ground to lift their side into the air. Automatic seesaw removed the arduous task and reinvented the word FUN! … [Read more...]

Play Center “Move On” Attractions

Rides in this Category have features where children can climb onto the ride and experience its movement. In some cases they can climb onto different levels or even arrange soft blocks on the spinning attraction.  Often these moving rides have a degree of swinging attachments that let the children determine the nature of their own movement or the movement of features on the ride. They are stimulating and enjoyable attractions for your kids. At Yu Kids Islands, your kids finally have the perfect place to have fun and use up some of their nearly inexhaustible energy. Now, cold, wet or super hot weather will not stop your kids from having a blast when there is a Yu Kids Island! … [Read more...]

13 Moving Stuffed Animals – Fun Activities for Children

You can manually scroll through the above images.    Fun Activities for Children Stuffed toys are a universal staple of a typical child's bedroom. Actually, if a child only has one toy, it is most likely to be a stuffed animal. Tigers, penguins, alligators, dogs, elephants and the popular bear, the fluffy dolls are available in all shapes and forms to match nearly any taste. Some Child Development Experts are convinced that such creative play is essential to their mental and social development. Playing with Stuffed Animals encourages discovery and provides opportunities to strengthen ones sense of self. Riding the animal figure help the child strengthens muscle coordination and explores self expression. This type of pretend play provides your child a time and place for important self exploration and reflection. … [Read more...]

12 Dancing Jungle Gym – Fun Activities Kids

You can manually scroll through the above images.   Fun Activities Kids Dancing Jungle Gym is a structure of poles and bars of vertical and horizontal rods where children can climb and play. They can be categorized as a balance between fun, fitness and skill development. A simple activity like climbing up a ladder and reaching the top is a true challenge for any young child to explore.  Reaching his/her goals will boost your child’s confidence, motivating and encouraging him/her to take the next step. This type of fun activities kids can explore challenge and develop their motor skills and balancing abilities.  Keeping your child active and having fun at the same time, has never been so easy with Dancing Jungle Gym. … [Read more...]

11 Spinning Daruma – Fun Activities with Kids

You can manually scroll through the above images.   Fun Activities with Kids Playing is not only about letting off steam. This is an important part of youth that enables children build physical strength, coordination and balance. Additionally, it may provide possibilities for youngsters to learn and develop social skills. Spinning Daruma provides children the opportunity to explore the movement of their bodies. Turning and spinning improve muscular development and control. These types of Kids Fun Activities can build physical confidence by clinging and maneuvering their way to exit safely. … [Read more...]