Play Center “Move Through” Attractions

Rides in this Category have features where children can climb onto the ride and experience its movement. In some cases they can climb onto different levels or even arrange soft blocks on the spinning attraction.  Often these moving rides have a degree of swinging attachments that let the children determine the nature of their own movement or the movement of features on the ride. They are stimulating and enjoyable attractions for your kids. At Yu Kids Islands, your kids finally have the perfect place to have fun and use up some of their nearly inexhaustible energy. Now, cold, wet or super hot weather will not stop your kids from having a blast when there is a Yu Kids Island! … [Read more...]

22 Air Ball Pool – Kids Center

You can manually scroll through the above images.   Kids Center Kids love balls! They notably enjoy balls which are small enough to hold, are light in weight and have brilliant colours. They help in kids’ sensory development through manual exploration of  objects, multi-sensory elements and textures. Other play benefits are increasing mobility through climbing, scooting, crawling, standing, cruising and initial walking, lifting and holding. … [Read more...]

02 High Decker Dancing Balloons – Play Area

You can manually scroll through the above images.   Play Area Young kids will have the time of their lives on our two level, High Decker Dancing Balloons that encourage kids with the following:  movement, motion, swaying, dancing, grooving and bouncing. This playground is perfect for children to play all day and never get bored. This play equipment promotes physical activities that help reduce boredom and help kids stay focused. The playground features a ladder, nets and dancing balloons to keep kids moving and exploring. Parents, sit back, relax, and let the smallest of adventurers discover the fun! … [Read more...]

03 Big High Decker Dancing Balloons – Play Area

You can manually scroll through the above images.   Play Area Bringing young children to Yu Kids Island is never a hassle! Keep them entertained with our Big High Decker Dancing Balloons, where the little ones can move, dance and have fun with other kids. Research show that active children do better in school, are better able to concentrate, and even exhibit fewer behaviour problems. If your child's school is not requiring enough physical activity, encourage your child to play as an after school activity. Play Centers, like Yu Kids Island, teach kids more than fitness—they improve motor skills, increase self-esteem, and foster cooperation and teamwork. Even non-athletic children can meet physical activity recommendations with non-competitive activities like dancing or playing games. … [Read more...]

01 Dancing Balloons – Playground

You can manually scroll through the above images. Playground Movement, motion,  swaying, dancing, grooving and bouncing are what make our Dancing Balloons so unique and give kids a great way to have fun and get some exercise. At Yu Kids playground, we understand that managing to keep youngsters active plays an essential role to promote both mental and physical wellness to growing children, and this along with parents becoming increasingly worried about allowing children to play not being watched for reasons including 'stranger danger' as well as the uncertainty of the fun-based activities being carried out, has triggered the continuing development of Yu Kids kids indoor playground. … [Read more...]