18 Big Jumping Slide Set – Play Areas

You can manually scroll through the above images.   Play Areas The Jumping Slide Set is one of the unexpected but pleasantly surprising play areas we have on Yu Kids. What kid would not want to jump up and down or perform some acrobatic stunts with the reassuring feeling of safety? It features tall walls with mesh netting surrounding a large jumping area and a slide covered by a protective canopy. Kids can play together and get great exercise in this timeless bouncy jumping slide set. … [Read more...]

24 Jumping Balloons – Fun Activities with Kids

You can manually scroll through the above images.   Fun Activities with Kids Yu Kids Jumping Balloons is not your typical ball pit. As one of the fun activities with kids, Yu Kids made a ball pool filled with colourful hollow plastic balls and enclosed them in a rectangular, padded bounce room.  Kids enjoy jumping up and down watching the balls dancing below with air. … [Read more...]

14 Waterfall Tunnel Slide – Playground Equipment

You can manually scroll through the above images.   Playground Equipment Have you ever spent time watching kids play at a playground?  You must have seen small children love climbing up the slides and not the stairs.  Slides are steep and slippery but these do not prevent the small ones to climb up and fall repeatedly.  The challenge is precisely the attraction for these kids. Yu Kids Waterfall Tunnel Slide brought a new level of fun in this well loved playground equipment. It has beautiful dancing lights and features hydroglide technology where water runs down the slide incessantly making it very difficult for the little ones to leave this attraction. … [Read more...]

27 Sky Jumper – Children Fun Activities

You can manually scroll through the above images.    Children Fun Activities Another element of children fun activities at Yu Kids is the Sky Jumper.  It is the ultimate Jumpers’ Playground! Featuring a giant, soft, fun-filled inflatable bounce house, this amazing equipment is designed to develop your kids motor skills in a fun-filled ambiance kids will absolutely love. When kids have all the energy that need burning, what do you do when the weather is too hot or too cold to be outside the house? Treat them at Yu Kids Island filled with exhilarating and extremely creative soft play activities where they get to explore. climb, jump and dive. … [Read more...]

28 Sky Jumper Combo – Fun Children Activities

You can manually scroll through the above images.   Fun Kids Activities Twice the size, double the fun – is what the Yu Kids Sky Jumper Combo is known for. It is a double decker, a combination of Sky Jumper and Air Ball Pool. Kids love to jump at the Sky Jumper Combo which can provide children with their needed dose of exercise. Parents can’t get kids off the couch to go outside to exercise by begging them. Kids usually run the other way when they hear their parents say “it is good for you”.  They translate the word “good” real quick, which, to them, mean it’s no fun, terrifically dull, or worst of all, hard work. Lure them to something they would love to do like taking them at Yu Kids Island with a whole lot of fun children activities waiting for them. … [Read more...]