Indoor Playground

Indoor Playgrounds are a great way to have fun and some exercise during cold, winter days. Just because there’s less sunlight in the winter doesn’t mean that you have to hibernate until the spring. Take advantage of the colder months to spend some quality time as a family.  From bouncy houses to open gyms to family fun centres, there are a number of attractions for children to spend their energy. On cold, hot or rainy days, kids will love to go to these indoor play centres.

Have you ever been to any Yu Kids Island Play Centre?

indoor playground

Yu Kids Indoor Playground

It’s an indoor haven for children who are looking for fun-filled activities.  There are over 30 attractions that children can enjoy to help keep the doldrums of the long, rainy or wintery days at bay.

The development of high-tech gadgets made sedentary life widespread and helping our children develop a physically active way of life turned out to be pretty challenging.  It is never too late to introduce exercise as a way to develop and maintain healthy lifestyle among youngsters as long as they understand its life changing benefit.

Childhood obesity is on the rise, and everybody – from doctors to parents to government officials – are trying to find a solution to this growing epidemic. In order to combat this problem, children’s fitness franchises are providing a much-needed solution. In fact many of these fitness franchises make it fun for the kids to exercise!

Outdoor playgrounds aren’t the most ideal stomping ground when it’s cold outside, of course. But families can still add a healthy dose of energetic play to their days. On a chilly morning, many household echoes with a common refrain: It’s raining again. We know where to go for fun and exercise in spite of gray skies and, leaving the park for another day, and head to one of favourite indoor play center. Kids fun activities await our young kids and there is no room for boredom.

Yu Kids Island Admission

Most of the Yu Kids Island Indoor Play Centers offer a one time – unlimited play, which means, you do not have to pay again the same day even if you left the playground for a number of hours. Be sure that you were given an access like a re-entry pass or a stamp on your kids’ wrists to be able to come back and play later.

Yu Kids Locations

Yu Kids Islands Indoor Playground are popular in the US, Asia and many European Countries and can be often found inside shopping centers or shopping malls. Some even offer discounted group pricing. They also cater to other fun activities like birthday parties, educational trips, children seminars, children dental services at Yu Kids, kiddie lessons and much more!

Yu Kids Island is also open for business minded people looking for franchising opportunity.  Kid franchises can be perfect for those who love working with children, especially parents who want to spend time with their own kids and make a difference in the lives of other children.