Master Franchise Opportunity with Yu Kids

Being one of the frequently asked questions from interested parties who are seeking the possibilities to franchise with Yu Kids, we are adding this information page to those who would like to know the answers. The types of Franchise available for Yu Kids will be discussed subsequently as separate blog entries.

What is a Master Franchise or Country Distributorship?

This is the right presented to individuals or even businesses who will be interested to make investments by acquiring the privileges to sub franchise inside a country or a territory predetermined upon by the parties. This enables the master franchisee the opportunity to develop a considerable business within a relatively short period of time.

Is Master Franchise Available for Yu Kids?

The answer to this question is YES.  In fact, this has already been applied to several countries.  Usually, the first person or business entity who took up the product proceeds on proposing a roll out of installs in their country.

The franchisee who wishes to avail of this business opportunity would need to commit to a specified number of installs within an agreed time period.

How much time is given to the first client who wants to Master Franchise in his country?

A six (6) months’ time frame may be available, from when their first install is open to take up the Master Distributorship for their country.  Within this time, other people can still purchase and open YKPS in that country, however, the first one to open will have the option to become master distributor as long as they can meet the requirements.

What is the least number of installs per year that would secure the master franchise/distributor agreement for one country?

Depending on your Country’s statistics, eight ( 8 ) locations per year might typically secure a Master Franchise or Distributor Agreement for your country. The installs can be a combination of large, medium and small installs of the Yu Kids Play System (YKPS).

What are the advantages of becoming a Master Franchisee or Country Distributor?

This particular form of financial commitment provides the entrepreneur the chance to take part in a business idea which has been completely developed. Moreover, by teaming up with the larger business, the master franchisee obtains support and knowledge as needed from the franchisor along with access to new systems.

All businesses who will purchase YKPS within that country will be buying from the Master Franchisee. Even though preliminary expenses are a tad higher, acquiring a master franchise license is the forerunner for further substantial growth potential compared to a standard franchise. Furthermore, the master franchisee generates revenue by keeping a share of the up-front fees in addition to recurring royalties that each franchisees pay for. Generally, the master franchisee may also acquire an override over a product which is distributed.

Being a master franchisee, you may be in a position to employ other people to assist you put together the business as an extra income source, while still working at your career or perhaps managing another business.

Are there countries with Yu Kids Master Franchise in place?

There are a number of countries with Master Franchise in place.  Some businesses have ongoing negotiations with YKPS.  If you would like to know whether your country is open for a Master Franchise opportunity, call Mobile Phone Number:   +61 425764123  or email

I would like to open a YKPS but I am not in Australia.  Should I contact you or who do I contact?

Yu Kids Australia caters to other country inquiries.  But for those countries we do not cater to, you can still complete our Yu Kids online form and we will make sure your inquiry will be forwarded to the right people and you will be contacted shortly.

The manufacturers of the YKPS reserve the right to modify or change the way they do business and/or award rights to Country sales, master franchise agreements or any of the above guide as listed above.