Yu Kids Play System Installs – Franchising FAQ

For those excited at the prospect of creating and growing their own site or location with a Yu Kids Play System (YKPS), we have added this FAQ on our website.

Q. Where Yu Kids Play System (YKPS) can be installed?
A. Smaller installs would be in shopping malls, large department stores or chain stores; Bigger installs would be in self-contained buildings, amusement parks and amusement themed venues.

Small Play Area Install Examples:

Small Yu Kids Play Area Install Example 01 Small Yu Kids Play Area Install Example  Small Yu Kids Play Area Install ExampleSmall Yu Kids Play Area Install Example

Medium Play Area Install Examples:

Medium Play Area Install Example: Render - Medium Install Example 02 -Dubai

Q. What is a good size for a first time installation for a new Yu Kids Franchise?
A.The general thinking is to start with a medium size venue so as not to make too big on the budget and not to make it too small to lose the first impression.

Q. How long before I see an ROI (Return on Investment)?
A. This can vary considerably and we do not have data to share on this though it can be as little as 6 to 12 months.

Q. Is there a Franchise Fee for Yu Kids?
A. We like to encourage the opening of Yu Kids islands in new countries.  For the first installation in a country there is no franchise fee or ongoing % of sale Revenue to be paid. The name of the play center is required to have the words “Yu Kids” included.

Q. What type of  Yu Kids Franchise are Available?
A. Master Franchise

This is definitely possible and has been put in place for several countries already where the first or one of the first to take up the product goes on to propose a roll out of installs in their country – for example USA, Israel, Chile and much more.  You would need to commit to a certain number of installs within an agreed period.

To the first client within a new country we can offer a 6 month’s time frame (from when their first install is open) to take up the master franchise for their country.  Note in this time it will still be possible for others to purchase a YKPS in that Country, however, if you were the first to open you will have first option to the Master Franchise.

Other Franchising Options:

  • Area Development Franchise
  • Multi-Installation
  • Single-Installation

Q. How much does it cost to form a franchise with Yu Kids?
A. Typical Yu Kids Play System range from USD $120K FOB Japan to USD $350K FOB Japan

If you have the budget and the ability to move forward with a successful Yu Kids Play System the next step would be for you to provide a dimensioned diagram of an area you can or have acquired for such an installation. An important detail to include is the height available within your area so we can work for a proposal.

For further information, you can call Mobile Phone Number:   +61 425764123  or email  ben@yukids.com.au or submit your inquiry through our Yu Kids Contact Us page.